Welcome! This is a place that all of us book nerds can chat about our favorite reads, our never ending TBR list, and pretty much anything bookish.


My nose stuck in a book, as usual.

I really got back into reading quite a few years ago and my love for it has grown immensely. I wholeheartedly believe in the power of books. They have lifted me up, sent me into slumps, and even made me so emotional I’ve wanted to throw certain ones across the room. (That’s only happened once, that I can recall). Whichever emotion they pull out of me, it’s all thanks to the power of words.

So it is here that I will play with words and create a fun place for all of us to gather. We will share opinions, give advice on which books to read (or not to read), and all opinions will be respected.


Books + Coffee = My Happy Place

Book Reviews are posted every Tuesday And Photo Tales are revealed on the first Thursday of every month. The Photo Tales feature will be posted on the last Thursday of every month. (See the post about Photo Tales if you have not so you can know what I’m talking about!)

Another topic I’ll be bringing up often is about my faith! It defines the core of who I am and it is quite a journey with where God has brought me to where He will bring me. Sharing these thoughts are very important to me so hopefully you will get a glimpse of how I think and how my faith has shaped me.

Enjoy and happy reading!!

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