~Chosen~ Book Review

Name: ChosenIMG_3884

Author: Sara Hanson and Brandy Bruce

Rating: 5



It’s been twelve years since the chosen made their presence known across the globe. They are the elite of our race. A community gifted with supernatural abilities . . . and no one outside of it, to hold them accountable. Racism, distrust, and fear now run rampant in the hearts of humans, resulting in hate crimes and worse. Rumors of war are whispered in both factions, while talk of peace has become a thing of the past. A distant dream. Or delusion. In the midst of this political and social unrest, eighteen-year-old Kathryn Stokely suddenly finds herself thrust into a life-threatening situation that promises to turn her world upside down. Secrets and lies about her past are unearthed, forcing her to face a truth that will irrevocably affect her future . . . and who she spends it with. Now, choices must be made. Loyalties decided. Betrayal seems unavoidable. Because the line has been drawn, and there’s no guarantee which side will be left standing. Only one thing is certain. Nothing will ever be the same again.

My Thoughts:

Wow. To say that Sara Hanson is a talented writer is a steep understatement. Chosen was a phenomenal book! Hanson created a world that was so vivid that I felt like I was living it. (In my head, I was comparing it to the likes of the Harry Potter world.) She created characters that were so relatable, yet mysterious, that I couldn’t get enough of them. I absolutely loved the main character, Kate, and seeing her development throughout the story. It was truly inspiring! I experienced moments of happiness, sadness, shock, and even laughed out loud at some parts. You absolutely need to read this book because it is going to be a series you won’t forget! Thank you so much, Sara, for sending me this book! I absolutely fell in love with it ❤


***Scroll down for some more thoughts that contain spoilers***







I wanted to talk a little more in depth about the Fionn/Adrian/Kate love triangle. I’m going to say that throughout the entire book I truly did not know who to trust between Fionn and Adrian. However, the ironic part was that I absolutely loved both of them. Fionn’s sense of humor and bluntness was contagious. And Adrian’s caring attitude toward Kate was just so sincere and lovable. I feel like I need to know more about them and can’t wait to see what happens next! But I can’t shake the feeling that Adrian is somehow a direct descendant of Daniel’s(Zoravar). I could be wrong, but that was the feeling I had throughout the book! So, if you’ve read this far I’m assuming you’ve read the book. So who are you rooting for? Adrian or Fionn? I haven’t actually made up my mind yet!!

Going along the lines of mysterious characters, even though Gwen’s twin, Wendy, wasn’t actually present in the book, I couldn’t shake the feeling that she would be making an appearance in the upcoming books. And it may not necessarily be for the side of good!


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