April Book Challenge

Hi everyone! I’m hosting a book challenge for April over on Instagram. If you’re interested, please check it out! And if you had any questions about the prompts, here are some suggestions. Remember, every prompt is open for interpretation! So there are no wrong posts 😉


  1. April TBR
  2. Feature any book merch you have
  3. Rainbow Books
  4. Feature your funkos
  5. A book you couldn’t finish so you started reading another one…
  6. Coffee, coffee, coffee
  7. Feature your Fav Author
  8. Pink books
  9. #SockSunday
  10. Book with a pretty cover
  11. A book you did not like
  12. Show what you’re currently reading
  13. Purple books
  14. A book that made you laugh
  15. Fav book couple
  16. Easter post!
  17. Do a pic with coffee or your fav coffee shop
  18. Hardcover books with or without their sleeves
  19. Green Books
  20. Ugly cover, great book
  21. Book stack
  22. Fav Series
  23. A book you could reread over and over again
  24. Infinite pages
  25. A book you’d never lend out because you love it so much
  26. Blue Books
  27. Feature candles
  28. One of your favorite books ever
  29. Book Haul
  30. Wrap-Up


That’s it! I hope you all have fun with it!


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