~Unwritten Melody~ Book Review

Name: Unwritten Melody

Author: Tessa Emily Hall

Rating: 4

Summary from the back of the book:

Does breaking free require breaking the rules?
Cassie Gilbert lives every day in the shadows of her deceased mom’s rebellion. But now that she’s seventeen, she finds herself longing to break away from her grandmother’s suffocating rules, experience what it’s like to be a regular teenager, and fulfill her songwriting dreams.
James Russo, former American Spotlight contestant, escapes to small town Willow Creek, SC hoping to flee from his tarnished past. When a school project pairs him with the shy principal’s granddaughter, he’s determined to get to know this Emily-Dickinson-obsessed and typewriter-using girl. His plan? Convince Cassie to co-write songs for his demo album.
As Cassie gets to know James over “project meetings” (more like opportunities to match her lyrics with his melodies), she becomes intrigued by his sense of adventure and contagious passion for music. But soon, his past becomes exposed. Cassie’s left to wonder—did she make the same mistake Mom did by falling for the bad boy?
Then, Grandma’s control pushes her over the edge. Cassie must choose between remaining in the chains of yesterday, or delving into her own freedom by completing the melody her mom left behind.

My Thoughts:

I’ll start off by saying that I loved this book! It started out so sweet and the character development was great. I quickly became attached to all of the characters. As the book unraveled and the plot thickened I was surprised at how deep it got. I wasn’t expecting that!! But I loved it because my mind loves delving into topics that are difficult to talk about. I won’t go too much into what the book is about but I will say this. It portrayed the love of a parent/grandparent so well. It’s so tough because as a parent, all you want to do is protect your children from harm. However, sometimes keeping them “caged in” can do more harm than good. I’ll stop there because I don’t want to give away any of the book! You’ll have to get it to find out for yourself what happens 😉

Great job, Tessa and thank you so much for sending it to me for review!! I highly recommend that everyone read this.


~Colleen Hoover~

I want to start off by saying that I’ve now read 5 of Hoover’s books and I have yet to be disappointed. Her writing style is impeccable and you don’t even feel like you’re reading with her books, it feels like you’re actually living the story out. Here are some reasons why I love her books so much:

*Character Development. When reading her books, you feel like you actually know the characters. You learn about the small details of who they are, and you also learn about the major story lines in their life. They are nowhere near feeling like fictional characters; they feel like they are either a part of your life, or you feel like you are the character.

*Romance. I love a good romance book. Not the trashy kinds, but the kinds that make you feel like you’re falling in love for real. That’s what her books do. They MAKE you fall in love…and feel so many ranges of emotions for the characters.

*Plot Twists. Just when you think you have the book figured out, you don’t. Trust me. Hoover deals with some pretty heavy topics in her books so it could be very difficult to read. However, she makes it so that you can’t put the book down because you need to see how the story unfolds. So amidst the very intense plot unfolding, she throws in twists that absolutely blindside you and leave you with your jaw hitting the floor.

These are just a few reasons why I have come to love Colleen Hoover. I definitely will end up owning all of her books and she will be an auto-buy author of mine from now on! If you haven’t read anything by her yet, please do. You can thank me later 😛