Hi everyone! I’ve been debating whether or not to create a blog for quite some time now. So I figured, why not give it a try?

For starters, I’m Kristen. I love to read…pretty much more than anything haha. I have piles and piles of books and my nose is always stuck in one of them. My family has been calling me Belle for quite some time now 😆 I also love coffee, probably as much as I love reading. You will never see me in the morning without my cup of coffee ☕️ Some other hobbies include crocheting, photography, doing anything crafty, puzzles, shopping (mostly at Target), and some other things I can’t think of right now! So that’s a little snippet about me and I’ll probably add some more in my future posts.

I’m still deciding which road I’m going to take this blog down. But for now I’m just going to see where it goes! I’d love to be able to be a platform for up and coming authors or authors that aren’t quite yet known. So if you have a book you’d like for me to review please contact me at booksfaithlove@yahoo.com. Or you can find me on Instagram under books_faith_love. And if you like what you read here, please let me know! I’m excited to see where this journey leads.


3 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. mNaiha says:

    Welcome home Kristen , you’re gonna love it here 😍 I love books and coffee more than anything else as well , I just love when I find other girls alike 😚

    Liked by 1 person

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